outcrop 2

MGB-CAR Quadrangle Mapping team collecting samples and identifying the rocks exposed along a stream at Brgy. Mongol, Mayoyao


Scaling the outcrop of columnar basalt in Lagawe, Ifugao


Geologists of the Mines and Geosciences Bureau-Cordillera Administrative Region conducted quadrangle mapping in the province of Ifugao for the month of September this year.

A quadrangle map is a geological representation of the distribution of different types of rock and surficial deposits as well as locations of geologic structures such as faults and folds.

In this activity, the MGB-CAR geologists focused on the Banaue Quadrangle, which is composed of the municipalities of Hungduan, Hingyon, Lagawe, Mayoyao, and Banaue.  The quadrangle is centered in the municipality of Banaue, thus the name Banaue Quadrangle.

Outputs of this activity may be used for many practical applications such as mineral exploration, groundwater resource and vulnerability assessment, solid waste disposal site selection, land use planning, and other land use applications.