MGB-CAR celebrates DENR day with an ocular inspection of the Ambalanga river

Ambalanga 1

MGB-CAR personnel checks on Ambalanga River in Gumatdang, Itogon


Members of the miners’ association break for lunch as they prepare their tree-planting site.  MGB-CAR personnel took the opportunity to conduct information dissemination.


In celebration of the 33 years anniversary of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, MGB-CAR together with police officers from the Itogon Municipal Station, conducted an ocular inspection of the Ambalanga River in Gumatdang, Itogon.

Members of the team agreed that the river in Gumatdang, looked clear and clean.

In 2017, this part of the river was reported to have turned blue because of chemicals used in small-scale mining activities in the area. Some small-scale mining sites visited were observed to be non-operational for quite some time.

The team also chanced upon members of the Dalisay Camote Miners Association who were cleaning along the road.  They were also preparing the site for a tree-planting activity to be held on June 13, 2020 as part of their environmental rehabilitation efforts.

The reconnaissance is part of the nationwide activity conducted simultaneously by the department to celebrate its anniversary and in response to the directive of conducting simultaneous anti-illegal operations focusing on environmental violations.