Envi Monitoring 1

Mines and Geosciences Bureau- Cordillera Administrative Region’s Senior Ecosystems Management Specialist Engr. Virginia Briones together with other members of the team monitors Lepanto Consolidated Mining Company’s adherence to environmental standards set by the government for Environmental Protection and Enhancement Program.

The team monitors the mining company’s compliance to environmental standards on a quarterly basis. 

Photographs below show some of the environmental aspects being checked and monitored.  


Envi 2

BIOREMEDIATION. Vetiver like grass used for bioremediation of ESLF effluent before final discharge.


Envi Monitoring 3

SLOPE STABILIZATION. One slope stabilization strategy of the Lepanto engineered sanitary landfill uses coconet planted with specific vegetation as source of materials for the livelihood programs.  Planted in the slope are Tiger grass for boyboy production as source for broom making while immediate surroundings were planted with ilang ilang tree as source for perfume production.


Envi 4

LOGBOOK CHECKING. Maintenance logbook of the oil water separator at the 900 mechanical shop of LCMC being checked by Engr. Briones of MGB-CAR.


Envi 5

CULVERTS.  Monitoring of the installed culverts along the alternate route of the TSF5A was done by the team.  This is one way of maintaining the access road, making it passable 24/7 for the company and the community.