Host and neighboring communities affected by mining operations in the region, benefit from the Social Development and Management Program (SDMP) and Community Development Programs (CDP) of mining and exploration projects.  This year’s Budget for social/community development in affected communities is 230.65 million pesos which is 3.76% lower than last year’s budget of 239.66 million pesos.   

For the past 6 years, the region has no new mining investment to boost mineral production that raises SDMP budget for more social/community development programs.  Mining projects hardly satisfy their annual commitment with their host and neighboring communities as evidenced by balances incurred due to tight cash flow; natural calamities and disasters; political and cultural set back; and social conflicts.

Suspended mining operations and   relinquishment of mining areas by investors resulted to a 71% or 170.17 million pesos implementation on social/community development projects last year.   Still, millions of pesos in social/community development projects are being spent annually to improve the quality of life of host and neighboring communities affected by the mining projects. 

Mining contractors/permit holders/licensed mineral processors are required under the Philippine Mining Act of 1995 to implement SDMP allocated from the 1.5% of the company’s actual operating cost from the previous year.  While mining exploration projects are mandated to allot 10% of its total exploration expenditures for CDP.

The SDMP has three areas of concern namely:  development of host and neighboring communities, development of mining technology and geosciences, and promotion of public awareness and education on mining technology and geosciences.

These programs may be in terms of human resource development and institutional building; enterprise development and networking; assistance to infrastructure development and support services; access to education and educational support programs; access to health services, health facilities and health professionals; protection and respect of socio-cultural values; and use of facilities/services within the mine camp or plant site. - (MGB-CAR Release)-